Sobre nosotros

About us

Who we are

Our company has been on the international market since 2009. In 2015, we relocated to Barcelona, Spain and have been on Spanish market since then, creating and running projects worldwide.

We specialize in interior design, rendering, 3D-tours and virtual reality.

We are a team of professional and ambitious members who keep track of all the architectural innovations and use the most modern technologies in our work.

Every one of us is a high-level specialist in our business, who feels passionate about his/her work.

What we do

We offer high-quality services delivered in short time with a very competitive price.

How we work


  • Information gathering. Technical task definition, the raw material exchanges: plans, sketches, 3D. Project objectives and results definition, deadlines setting.
  • The preliminary invoice issuing and its approval.
  • The beginning of work: after making a deposit, the work process begins. During the process, intermediate results are delivered to the client.
  • Viewpoints. After the final model approval, the view- points are selected and created.
  • Lighting and materials. Selection and approval of both materials and lighting options. The overall environment creation.
  • Mid-term results. At this stage, preliminary renderings are created in low resolution. After receiving client’s feed- back we proceed to the approval of final renderings.
  • The final render in high-resolution and its approval with the client.
  • Project delivery and final payment. After the final proj- ect’s approval by the client and payment in full, the client obtains the project. All the im- ages are transmitted in high resolution without any watermarks.